The new download button of Google Chrome has appeared

Google Chrome is developing a new download function, which is presented as a button on the right side of the address bar instead of the download progress bar at the bottom of the browser.

Switching to a button style is actually similar to Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers, and it is more convenient for users to click the download button to view the downloaded content.

The download button will also display the download progress in a circle style. When the download task is being executed, the circle of the download button will be blue when the download is complete and become a regular color.

This feature is currently being tested in the Canary version of Google Chrome. According to the progress of the Google Chrome function change, this feature is expected to arrive in the official version in 1 to 2 months.

The download function of Google Chrome has not been changed for many years, so every time you download, a prompt bar appears at the bottom of the browser to view the content and will not be closed automatically.

There is a close button on the right side of the progress bar, but manual operation is required every time. This download progress bar is very intrusive for users who frequently download and save content.

The advantage of changing to a download button is that the download progress can be presented to the user by color, and it is convenient for the user to directly click the download button for management without obstruction.

However, the current download management still has to jump to the download management page of the current version, not a pop-up download manager interface like Microsoft Edge or Firefox.

Via: Neowin