Microsoft Edge adds Typosquatting Checker to prevent users from falling into malicious websites

Previously, Microsoft added a Super Duper Secure Mode in its browser, and the super safe mode will also add false cybersquatting functions to prevent users from falling into malicious websites.

Typosquatting is actually a misspelling of the domain name. For some well-known websites, attackers often register such domain names that are easy to be entered incorrectly by users, and users may enter such phishing websites when they accidentally enter the wrong entries.

If an attacker deliberately imitates those well-known websites, it is easy to steal the user’s account password, so Microsoft brings the Typosquatting Checker function.

The Typosquatting Checker feature in Microsoft Edge redirects similar domain names. Even if the user enters the wrong domain name, they can be automatically redirected to the correct website.

Edge Super Duper Secure Mode

In the Microsoft Edge 96.0.1054.53 stable channel, Super Duper Secure Mode does not yet support Typosquatting Checker, and Microsoft needs more time to test.

Therefore, the Typosquatting Checker is the first to arrive in the Canary version. By default, the Canary version will turn on the Super Duper Secure Mode and therefore automatically turn on the Typosquatting Checker function. “Typosquatting is what we call it when people – often criminals – register a common misspelling of another organization’s domain as their own,” explains Microsoft.

Via: Neowin