LG brings a chair with OLED TV to CES 2022

It can be said that LG has a series of new products recently. In the past two weeks, it has launched many new products that are about to be released. Yesterday we reported on LG’s upcoming 16:18 productivity monitor, and today LG showed a more interesting thing, that is, a chair with a curved OLED TV.

Image: LG Display

This chair LG calls “Media Chair”, literally translated as the media chair, is a member of LG Display’s many conceptual products, and it is not an unofficial product on sale. However, LG also told The Verge that they are currently cooperating with a massage chair manufacturer in South Korea to try to make this Media Chair officially meet with you in the future.

Of course, the Media Chair presented by LG this time does not have any massage function, but you can certainly feel a lot of vibration because this chair has built-in speakers, and the OLED TV installed on it also has speakers. Thanks to LG’s own Cinematic Sound OLED technology, OLED TVs can produce sound by vibrating its screen.

Image: LG Display

As for the TV itself, it’s also very interesting. It is a 55-inch curved OLED TV with a curvature of 1500R. LG officially claims that this TV can provide users with the most perfect viewing distance and experience. In addition, this OLED TV can also be rotated vertically, the user only needs to press the button on the touch screen control panel of the right armrest.
Obviously, once this chair can be mass-produced, its price will certainly not be low. But like this combination of OLED curved TV and upper (possibly) massage chair, if it is really made, then the target group should be people with higher spending power.