Cheaper Galaxy on the Horizon? Samsung Considers MediaTek Chip Swap

Apart from the fourth-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, the Dimensity 9400 mobile platform is set to make its debut in the flagship smartphones of 2024. While MediaTek has already secured a substantial number of orders from smartphone manufacturers, its most significant advancement this year has been to count Samsung among its clientele. According to the information from X blogger @Revegnus, MediaTek has provided Samsung with an exclusive discount on its chip business to facilitate a partnership agreement, leading to the future release of Samsung smartphones powered by Dimensity chips. Given that Samsung is one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, MediaTek’s acquisition of a Samsung order not only significantly boosts its market share but also creates more opportunities for selling flagship chips in the future.

It is rumored that Samsung currently has no interest in adopting MediaTek’s flagship Dimensity 9400 mobile platform for its flagship models. Moreover, Samsung has already agreed with Qualcomm, committing to use the fourth-generation Snapdragon 8 platform in next year’s Galaxy S25 series, making it unlikely for Dimensity chips to be featured in Samsung’s next-generation flagship models. However, media estimates suggest that the third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform has a purchase price of $200, and the fourth generation is expected to be even more expensive. Thus, Samsung might reconsider its partnership with Qualcomm due to profitability concerns, potentially opting for MediaTek chips or solely relying on its Exynos series in the future. For MediaTek to persuade Samsung to incorporate the Dimensity chip into its flagship models, it would likely need to price it more competitively than Samsung’s own Exynos series.

However, the current strategy seems to be for MediaTek to gradually develop its partnership with Samsung, initially offering more cost-effective options for lower-end chips rather than significantly reducing the price of its flagship Dimensity 9300/9400 mobile platforms.