Samsung’s next-gen Exynos will be used in the Galaxy S25 series

Samsung will release a new generation of the Galaxy S23 series at the Galaxy Unpack 2023 event on February 1, including the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra models. Unlike the previous generation of products, this time they all use Qualcomm’s customized Snapdragon 8 Gen2 platform, without Samsung’s own Exynos chip.

According to The JoongAng, due to the slow development of the next-generation Exynos chip, Samsung finally suspended the Exynos chip in its flagship smartphone. However, this does not mean that Samsung has given up the development of Exynos chips. The new plan is to be used in the future Galaxy S25 series. This means that next year’s Galaxy S24 series will still be exclusive to Qualcomm, but the deal between the two parties is only temporary.
Vivo Exynos 2300

After the Galaxy S22 series equipped with Exynos 2200 was exposed to performance problems last year, Samsung began to conduct a comprehensive review of its business, which also prompted the suspension of the use of Exynos chips in the Galaxy S23 and S24 series. It has previously been reported that Samsung has had heated discussions within Samsung on whether the Galaxy S23 series will be equipped with Exynos 2300, and the smartphone department has strongly advocated switching to Qualcomm’s solutions.
It is rumored that Samsung’s next-generation Exynos chip will be manufactured using the 3nm GAA process. Samsung is currently preparing for the second-generation 3nm process. I don’t know if the new Exynos chip can catch up. Due to the low yield rate of the 3nm GAA process, many people worry whether Samsung can really solve the production problem. A Samsung employee who did not want to be named revealed that there is no exact release schedule for the next-generation Exynos chip, but the development of the Galaxy S25 series has already begun, and some projects even started earlier than the Galaxy S24 series.