Celebrating 15 years, Chrome received many customized features and security updates

Google recently announced that its Chrome browser, which has been in operation for over 15 years since its debut in September 2008, will introduce color customization features in the coming weeks, alongside enhanced security measures.

Through the ‘Customize Chrome’ function located at the browser’s bottom right, users can tailor the title and color schemes of their browsing pages. Moreover, the incorporation of the ‘Material You’ elements will soon offer an extended palette and allow modifications between light and dark modes.

Additionally, the top-right settings menu now boasts added features: translation, browsing data clearance, and a ‘Search This Page’ function to scan current page content. Icons preceding these options ensure easier user recognition.

The sidebar, accessible once the ‘Search This Page’ function is activated, is set to integrate an AI-driven search service, currently under testing exclusively for users within the United States, with plans for a broader international rollout soon.

Security enhancements in this update are notable: the frequency for updating potentially unsafe site listings has shifted from every 30 to 60 minutes to real-time, thereby bolstering the speed at which Chrome flags potentially unsafe sites.

Furthermore, this update refines Chrome’s online app store interface, streamlining the search for browser extensions tailored to individual needs.