ReedPop will no longer undertake E3 exhibition events and exhibitions

ReedPop, the curating entity responsible for the E3 event since 2022, has announced that it will no longer undertake the organizational duties for future E3 exhibitions. Meanwhile, while the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) of the United States has not canceled next year’s event, they have indicated that the Los Angeles Convention Center, the longstanding venue for the annual E3 events, will not host next year’s convention.

It appears that should the ESA proceed with the E3 2024 event, they will opt for an alternate venue. Since 1995, the ESA consistently selected the Los Angeles Convention Center as the venue for the annual E3. However, disruptions began in 2020 due to the pandemic, leading to a hiatus. Although a virtual format was adopted the following year, plans to resume in-person events in 2022 were ultimately scrapped. This year’s attempt at revival, with ReedPop at the helm, leveraging their expertise from events like PAX, unfortunately, fell through due to communication mishaps and tepid interest from exhibitors.

With ReedPop declaring its disengagement from future E3 exhibitions, the ESA clarified that this decision emerged from a mutual consensus between the parties. Nevertheless, they anticipate the continued organization of E3 events.

In a prior interview, Stanley Pierre-Louis, the CEO and President of the ESA, commented on the evident necessity for commercial conventions to evolve to thrive. He further noted that the E3 would undergo a transformative iteration to align with the evolving promotional needs of such events, implying that upcoming E3 events will engage the market and gamers in novel ways.