Zoom rebrands auto-generated AI service to Zoom AI Companion

Zoom has recently rebranded its generative artificial intelligence service, Zoom IQ, as “Zoom AI Companion,” making it available to premium subscribers. Concurrently, the “Zoom IQ for Sales” has been renamed “Zoom Revenue Accelerator,” continuing its mission to amplify the commercial performance of corporate sales teams.

Upon integrating generative artificial intelligence into its services, Zoom articulated how it has facilitated the optimization of workflows for thousands of businesses. The newly announced Zoom AI Companion harnesses its proprietary large-scale natural language models in conjunction with esteemed third-party models like Meta Llama 2, OpenAI, and Anthropic. This sophisticated integration permits users to experience real-time natural interactions during Zoom online meetings, Team Chats, Zoom Phone, emails, whiteboards, and any impending features unveiled by Zoom.

Zoom has unequivocally emphasized that they do not utilize user audio-visual content, chat exchanges, shared material, or uploaded documents for AI training. By default, the AI Companion remains deactivated, granting the account holder or administrator the discretion to enable it.

Presently, the AI Companion boasts capabilities like auto-summarizing pivotal meeting points, generating contextually appropriate responses in chats or emails mirroring the user’s tone, swiftly collating user insights, and streamlining content. Users can even engage in dialogues with the AI Companion, posing inquiries.

Formerly known as Zoom IQ for Sales, the Zoom Revenue Accelerator is adept at aiding sales personnel in swiftly extracting pivotal insights from data, subsequently devising more efficacious sales strategies. Through the prowess of generative AI, it also facilitates data analysis and offers more streamlined simulated scenarios for sales training. If sales project data stagnates or fails to demonstrate substantial growth, it proactively advises team members to recalibrate their sales tactics.