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Linux Kernel 4.20

Linux 5.14 will support Hyper-V DRM display driver

According to the mailing list, a new Hyper-V DRM display driver has been included in this week’s drm-misc-next PR and will be merged into the Linux 5.14 mainline. The Hyper-V DRM display driver was...

Linux kernel removing support x32

Linux 5.14 will completely remove the RAW driver

The RAW driver (RAW_DRIVER) on the Linux system is mainly used to provide direct I/O access to block devices. As early as the mid-2000s, the RAW driver was obsolete, and for a long time,...

Red Hat kills KDE

Red Hat is hiring more LLVM engineers

In addition to continuing to invest heavily in GCC and the GNU toolchain, Red Hat is also increasing the recruitment of LLVM engineers. Prior to this, Red Hat has hired a well-known long-term LLVM...