Canonical will enhance support for ZFS on Ubuntu 19.10

Canonical announced the implementation of ZFS support on rootfs (root file system) in the upcoming Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine). Ubuntu 19.10 will be the next major release of the Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu 19.10, which will be released this fall, will provide an experimental option in the graphical installer that allows users to create a root file system formatted using ZFS. However, Didier Roche temporarily discourages users from using it in production systems.

Didier Roche said:

“As we want to have the dataset layout right and we know a file system is very crucial as it’s responsible for all your data, we don’t want to encourage people to use it on production systems yet, or at least, not without regular backups. The option will be highlighted as such – you are now warned.”

Ubuntu 19.10 (Eoan Ermine) will be released on October 17, and they have provided several upstream fixes for ZFS On Linux to improve the ZFS experience and improve reliability.

In addition, Canonical said they added new support to the GRUB boot menu, as shown below. Over the next few weeks, they will plan to automate snapshots, rollbacks, and backups, as well as offline instant update support for ZFS on roofs.

Via: Softpedia