Chrome will have sharing clipboards feature on multiple platforms

One of Chrome’s signature features is the ability to sync your full browsing experience across all devices. However, there are only a few notable exceptions to this type of synchronization, including the option to access the same clipboard on multiple devices, which will allow you to copy and paste information from one computer to another (or cell phone). While some extensions can provide this capability, sharing all of the content you type with the browser add-on poses an inherent security risk. Therefore, Google seems to be developing a local clipboard sharing feature.


This feature is also a shared clipboard that will be available in Google Chrome on Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android. Although the shared clipboard is already at the operating system level, as is the case on Windows 10, Google hopes that all of these platforms can be combined as long as the browser is installed.

Chromium Gerrit post spotted by Chrome Story details how the feature could work when it’s ready:

“Enable receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature – Enables receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature by showing a notification to receive the clipboard to share.

Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled – Enables shared clipboard feature signals to be handled by showing a list of user’s available devices to share the clipboard.”

In other words, once the shared clipboard is used, Chrome users will be able to copy the content on their device in the browser and then select another device to send clipboard information using the same google account. The receiving device will then display notification information for the shared clipboard data.

Via: Softpedia