September 23, 2020

Bitcoin fraud on the official Twitter account of Google GSuite

1 min read

Recently, Twitter has been popular with public accounts and authentication accounts to send Bitcoin free scams. Users are required to pay a few bitcoins and then automatically give them several times.

Although this situation has caused many attention and reports from the technology media, it seems that the anti-fraud measures taken by Twitter have not played any practical role.

In the early hours of the morning, the Google productivity suite GSuite official Twitter account was used to send bitcoin fraud. The account has more than 800,000 fans.

The fraudulent gang posted a message saying that Google gave away 10,000 bitcoins to the community for free, and anyone can receive these free bitcoins. Google officially stated the matter, and it is not clear how the Google account was stolen.

In addition to stealing various well-known accounts for fraud, the fraud group has blacked out a large number of Twitter authentication accounts and then artificially interacted to enhance the trust of netizens.

This kind of fraudulent use of the account to release Bitcoin has been popular on Twitter. From the published fraudulent copy, it seems that the same dishonest gang is behind it.