October 24, 2020

Bedrock Linux v0.7.18 released: Linux distribution

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Bedrock Linux is a Linux distribution composed of user-selected components from various other Linux distributions. For example, with Bedrock one may use the installation process from one distribution, the init from another, a window manager from a third, and a web browser from a fourth. Bedrock strives to make these components work together as transparently as possible such that for day-to-day operations it is not readily evident that the various components were originally intended for disparate distributions.

Bedrock Linux is a meta Linux distribution which allows users to utilize features from other, typically mutually exclusive distributions. Essentially, users can mix-and-match components as desired. For example, one could have:

  • The bulk of the system from an old/stable distribution such as CentOS or Debian.
  • Access to cutting-edge packages from Arch Linux.
  • Access to Arch’s AUR.
  • The ability to automate compiling packages with Gentoo’s portage
  • Library compatibility with Ubuntu, such as for desktop-oriented proprietary software.
  • Library compatibility with CentOS, such as for workstation/server oriented proprietary software.

Changelog v0.7.178

  • Added automatic restriction of CRUX’s prt-get, pkgmk
  • Added code to load modules on init to help with keyboard detection
  • Added crossfs support for wayland-sessions
  • Added envvar crossfs settings
  • Added more setfattr hijack sanity checks
  • Added pmm support for dnf short aliases
  • Added retention of BEDROCK_RESTRICTION across sudo call
  • Added themes, backgrounds to crossfs defaults
  • Fixed /bedrock/cross/bin/X11 self-reference loop
  • Fixed brl fetch –list tab completion comment
  • Fixed brl priority color handling when brl colors are disabled
  • Fixed brl-fetch Alpine
  • Fixed brl-fetch Fedora
  • Fixed brl-fetch Gentoo
  • Fixed brl-fetch KISS
  • Fixed brl-fetch centos
  • Fixed brl-fetch devuan detection of stable release
  • Fixed brl-fetch manjaro
  • Fixed brl-strat completion
  • Fixed detection of package manager user interface at hijack
  • Fixed fish envvar handling
  • Fixed overwriting system and user-set PATH entries
  • Fixed pmm creation of redundant items when superseding
  • Fixed pmm support for pacman,yay search-for-package-by-name
  • Fixed pmm support for portage which-packages-provide-file
  • Fixed pmm using supersede logic when unneeded
  • Fixed portage is-file-db-available noise
  • Fixed restriction of XDG_DATA_DIRS
  • Fixed zprofile restriction check
  • Improved brl-fetch handling of different ssl standards
  • Improved brl-fetch locale-gen failure handling
  • Improved brl-fetch void to use smaller base-minimal
  • Improved crossfs multithread performance if openat2 available (Linux 5.6 and up)
  • Improved env-var handling
  • Improved etcfs debug output
  • Improved plymouth handling