Baldur’s Gate III will still land on the Xbox platform

Recently, Larian Studios announced a rescheduling of the launch date for ‘Baldur’s Gate III.’ Initially slated for release on August 31, 2023, the PC version (Steam/GOG) is now set to launch ahead of schedule on August 3, while the PlayStation 5 version has been deferred until September 6. Michael Douse, the game’s director of publishing, asserted that while the team is close to achieving a frame rate of 60fps on PlayStation 5, it will necessitate a bit more time to achieve this.

A group bearing a more considerable brunt of disappointment comprises Microsoft Xbox users, as there has yet to be an official confirmation regarding when ‘Baldur’s Gate III’ will grace the Xbox Series X/S. As reported by IGN, Larian Studios’ CEO and the creative director of ‘Baldur’s Gate III,’ Swen Vincke, admitted that while the studio has been developing the Xbox version of Baldur’s Gate III for some time, they’ve encountered some technical problems. Without a satisfactory solution in sight, there is no full confidence to announce a release date.

Vincke acknowledged the complexity of achieving split-screen co-op mode on the Xbox Series S, given its relatively lower performance capability compared to the Xbox Series X. This challenge constitutes a necessary condition for the game’s release. The development team might be compelled to accept a compromise by imposing restrictions on the Xbox Series S’s split-screen co-op mode, although there’s no current certainty on how this will be implemented.

Larian Studios originally intended to simultaneously release the Xbox version of ‘Baldur’s Gate III,’ and Vincke expressed regret over the current situation. For now, the hope is for the game to debut on the Xbox Series X/S within the year. Vincke expressed gratitude for the support from Microsoft and its Advanced Technology Group (ATG), lauding their help and praising the group’s commendable work.