Sony will launch PlayStation 5 Slim and Project Q by the end of this year

Although Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission propose their respective arguments regarding potential antitrust issues with the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, with the court poised to rule as early as next week, related documents continue to leak news of Sony’s forthcoming gaming console. These include Project Q, publicly announced earlier, and anticipated to hit the market before year’s end at a price below $300. Simultaneously, the long-rumored slim version of the PlayStation 5 is also slated to debut within the year, retailing for under $400.

The specifics of the slim PlayStation 5 remain unconfirmed at present, including whether its official moniker would indeed be PlayStation 5 Slim, and whether a higher-performing PlayStation 5 Pro is on the horizon. While the documents mention a suggested retail price for Project Q falling under $300, they do not reveal its official name.

As per previously disclosed information, Project Q, via Wi-Fi and Remote Play capabilities, permits gameplay for most games installed on the PlayStation 5 console. It boasts an 8-inch LCD screen catering to 1080P and 60fps display specifications. Its left and right operational interfaces feature buttons and functions mirroring those on the DualSense wireless controller, including support for adaptive triggers and haptic feedback experiences.