The battery life of the Sony Project Q handheld is only 3-4 hours

Several days ago, we reported on Sony’s Project Q handheld console, a distinctive game streaming device inherently tethered to the PS5 for operation. Although Sony has yet to disclose further information concerning this console, renowned leakster Tom Henderson has divulged key details on his website, Insider Gaming.

Henderson asserts that Sony Project Q handheld boasts a battery life of approximately 3-4 hours. Candidly, this duration is undeniably short. After all, the Steam Deck handheld console capable of independent game operation has a battery life ranging from 2-8 hours. The Nintendo Switch OLED version runs for 4.5-9 hours, while the functionally closer Logitech G Cloud gaming handheld sustains over 12 hours. It is plausible to conjecture that the arguably unsatisfactory battery life of Project Q may stem from its higher screen specifications and the inclusion of full DuanSense controller haptic feedback capabilities.

Given that Henderson was the initial whistleblower for both Project Q and the wireless headphones, even if this specification seems incredulous, it could indeed be factual. Simultaneously, Henderson intimates that if the selling price of Project Q could be kept under $200, it may fare quite well.

From comments on prior website articles or posts on various gaming forums, it appears that gamers have not been overly impressed with this device, possibly owing to its aesthetic or its ostensibly limited functionalities. Of course, as Henderson posited, the primary issue likely revolves around the price. However, Sony’s products have traditionally maintained a robust appeal, obviating any pressing need for an aggressive low-price strategy.