Sony has announced wireless headphones designed for the PS5

During the early hours of today’s PlayStation Showcase 2023, Sony not only unveiled an array of new game trailers and related release information but also exceptionally divulged several hardware products. The much-anticipated new generation handheld device from Sony, previously reported, has finally officially debuted at this event.

This device currently lacks a formal denomination and thus continues to utilize its development codename, Project Q. Consistent with previous leaks, this device cannot independently run games, but rather requires streaming PS5 games via WiFi. Furthermore, it lacks cloud gaming capabilities. Sony specifically notes in the video description that “games must be installed on the PS5 and do not include VR games”, suggesting that Project Q’s role is not a parallel device to the PS5, but rather an accessory to the PS5—an eight-inch screen DualSense controller bereft of a touchpad.

Simultaneously, Sony has announced wireless headphones designed for the PS5. Although their basic structure bears little difference from current wireless headphones, their design details exude a distinctive PS5 style. Sony indicates that these headphones can provide lossless audio for players on both PS5 and PC, but whether they are compatible with mobile devices remains uncertain. Of course, these headphones currently also lack an official name.

In summary, these two devices made a brief appearance at today’s event, but Sony declares in an official blog post that more detailed information will arrive in due course.