Team Group cooperates with InnoGrit Corporation to create ultra-fast PCIe 5.0 SSD

Team Group has announced the forthcoming T-FORCE Z54A SSD, a new generation PCIe 5.0 SSD engineered for outstanding performance, boasting a maximum sequential read speed of 14,000 MB/s and a peak sequential write speed of 11,000 MB/s. T-FORCE is Team Group’s eSports sub-brand, dedicated to crafting efficient and stable storage solutions.

While the T-FORCE Z54A SSD is not Team Group’s first PCIe 5.0 SSD—they previously released the T-FORCE CARDEA Z540 SSD—the new device outshines its predecessor. The earlier model currently offers a 2TB capacity, a top sequential read speed of 12,000 MB/s, a maximum sequential write speed of 10,000 MB/s, a peak random read of 1400K IOPS, and a maximum random write of 1500K IOPS, and also includes an ultra-thin graphene heatsink, which has received multiple patent certifications. However, by comparison, the newly announced T-FORCE Z54A SSD offers more potent performance.

Team Group’s T-FORCE Z54A SSD represents a collaboration with controller chip manufacturer InnoGrit Corporation, producing an optimal PCIe SSD product for high-performance computers, workstations, data centers, servers, gaming consoles, and media creation and editing sectors.

Through their technical collaboration with InnoGrit Corporation, Team Group has incorporated a PCIe IG5666 controller chip manufactured using a 12nm process. This chip offers high performance, reliability, stability, and low latency, supporting various mainstream NAND flash memory chips on the market and providing an interface speed of 2400MT/s. This solution employs InnoGrit Corporation’s proprietary error correction code technology, boasting a superior error tolerance compared to similar products, effectively extending the lifespan of NAND flash memory chips.

InnoGrit Corporation’s IG5666 controller chip also includes a low-power mode controller decoder, capable of automatically switching to high-performance mode, thereby enhancing the product’s lifecycle and data retention period. Additionally, this controller chip integrates InnoGrit Corporation’s proprietary hot and cold data processing AI algorithm, ensuring exceptional performance for multi-task processing.