ASUS launches ROG Ryujin III WB and ROG STRIX LC III series AIOs

At CES 2024, ASUS announced the launch of two custom-designed CPU water-cooling solutions, tailored to different user needs: the ROG Ryujin III WB and the ROG STRIX LC III series of all-in-one water coolers. The ROG Strix LC III series, known for its ease of installation and impressive cooling efficiency, offers a variety of models to suit different scenarios. Meanwhile, the ROG Ryujin III WB offers a uniquely tailored gaming PC experience for users seeking ultimate customization and supreme cooling performance.

The ROG STRIX LC III series features all-in-one water coolers in 240mm and 360mm sizes, available in both black and white. Incorporating a cold plate designed by Asetek and the 7th generation V2 solution, these coolers are equipped with powerful motors, ensuring superior heat dissipation. This innovative cooling solution iterates on previous designs, employing a new turbulent-flow cold plate technology that outperforms traditional split-flow cold plates. They come with ROG STRIX AF-12S ARGB fans, offering customizable Aura Sync lighting effects.

Enhancing compatibility with various system layouts, this new all-in-one water cooler also features a 360° rotatable water block, employing a magnetic attachment design to simplify the installation process. Users can also opt for a version with a 2.1-inch IPS LCD screen that magnetically connects, displaying real-time system status or customizable images.

The ROG Ryujin III WB, ASUS’s first water block module, is equipped with a 3.5-inch full-color LCD screen capable of displaying system information, custom content, and GIF animations. Setting it apart from similar products, ASUS has incorporated an embedded axial fan technology, improving air circulation around the motherboard’s power delivery modules, thus enhancing performance and system stability.