ASUS DUAL series RTX 4070 SUPER OC graphics card pictured

NVIDIA is poised to unveil the GeForce RTX 40 series SUPER graphics cards next month, featuring three new models based on the Ada Lovelace architecture: the RTX 4080 SUPER, RTX 4070 Ti SUPER, and RTX 4070 SUPER.

Recently, netizen momomo_us revealed a series of product images for ASUS‘s DUAL RTX 4070 SUPER OC graphics card. Compared to the existing ASUS DUAL RTX 4070 12G, the design philosophy remains largely consistent: the top features a semi-transparent structure, complemented by an all-aluminum backplate with perforated cooling openings, and two axial-tech fans supporting 0dB noiseless technology. The thickness shows no significant change.

However, it’s noticeable that the arrangement of the two fans is more compact, reducing the overall length and height of the card. The cooling module appears to have been upgraded as well. Additionally, the power supply interface of the DUAL RTX 4070 SUPER OC card has shifted from the conventional single 8Pin to a 16Pin 12V HPWR. Despite a slight increase in power consumption for the RTX 4070 SUPER compared to the RTX 4070, the use of the superior 12VHPWR standard is a positive development, especially as ATX3.0 is now broadly integrated into mainstream power supply products. The video output interface remains the familiar combination of three DisplayPorts and one HDMI, with larger cooling openings above the interface for improved heat dissipation.

According to videocardz, the GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER will be equipped with the AD104-350 GPU, maintaining a memory capacity of 12GB and featuring 7168 CUDA cores, with a power consumption of 225W. It is also known that the non-MSRP models of RTX 4070 SUPER will have their review embargo lifted and officially go on sale at 6 AM Pacific Time on January 17, 2024, with the MSRP models’ review embargo being lifted a day earlier.