Thermaltake releases TOUGHLIQUID EX Pro all-in-one water cooling radiator

Thermaltake has announced the release of its TOUGHLIQUID EX Pro all-in-one water cooler and the TOUGHLIQUID EX Pro series of high-static pressure fans. In a nod to enthusiasts who prefer non-illuminated, high-pressure fans, Thermaltake has implemented the newly upgraded MagForce 2.0 magnetic attachment technology in both of these innovations, offering users the joy of experiencing this cutting-edge magnetic connection.

The TOUGHLIQUID EX Pro all-in-one water cooler comes in various specifications to meet diverse installation needs, including models equipped with 120mm fans, the TOUGHLIQUID 240/360 EX Pro AIO, and those with 140mm fans, the TOUGHLIQUID 280/420 EX Pro AIO.

Thermaltake asserts that these new products are specifically designed for Intel’s 14th-generation Core K-series desktop processors. They feature a water block design with a new infinite mirror lighting effect, combined with the latest TOUGHFAN EX 12/EX14 Pro series fans. These fans have a full steel metal cover over the hub, enhancing cooling performance. The EX12 Pro fan, Thermaltake’s first non-illuminated magnetic fan, offers a maximum airflow of 70.8 CFM, a maximum static pressure of 3.19 mm-H2O, and a maximum noise level of 22.6 dB-A. The EX14 Pro fan delivers a maximum airflow of 119.6 CFM, a maximum static pressure of 3.57 mm-H2O, and a maximum noise level of 31.6 dB-A. The fully modular magnetic fan design greatly increases installation flexibility. Besides mounting the fans on the radiator, users can also decide whether to split and use the fans separately using the three magnetic lines included in the package.

The TOUGHFAN EX12/14 Pro high-static pressure fans – with replaceable blades – are sold individually in triple packs. Unlike the fans bundled with the all-in-one water cooler, these feature a design with replaceable blades, including both clockwise and counterclockwise options, available in 120mm and 140mm sizes. Beyond their remarkable cooling performance, the installation corners are equipped with vibration-damping rubber pads, covering over 80% of the area, effectively reducing resonance noise between the fan and the case.