Cherry launches XTRFY M64/68 series wireless mouse

Last year, the German company Cherry acquired the Swedish gaming peripherals manufacturer Xtrfy, a move that symbolizes the official amalgamation of both entities. This collaboration is aimed at providing products for professionals, enthusiasts, and dedicated gamers to fully unleash their potential, culminating in the launch of the new gaming brand Cherry Xtrfy.

At this year’s CES 2024, Cherry unveiled a series of new products under the Cherry Xtrfy brand, including the MX 3.1 keyboard, M64/68 series wireless mouse, M50 series mouse, NGALE series microphones, and the GP5 mousepad.

Notably, the Pro version of the Cherry Xtrfy M64/68 series wireless mouse boasts an impressive polling rate of 8000Hz, transmitting data every 0.125 milliseconds. This rate is eight times that of most 1000Hz wireless gaming mouse currently on the market, offering gamers a more precise and fluid cursor movement experience, along with faster response times. Official reports from TechPowerUp reveal that the CHERRY XTRFY M64/68 Pro exhibits a remarkably low click latency of only 0.3 ms.

The design of the Cherry Xtrfy M64/68 series wireless mouse incorporates ergonomic principles to better conform to the contours of most users’ palms. The M68, in particular, features a symmetrical design, catering to left-handed users. A notable design choice is the placement of the USB-C port on the side of the mouse rather than the conventional front position, potentially limiting its effectiveness in scenarios requiring simultaneous charging and usage.

Furthermore, the Cherry Xtrfy M64/68 series wireless mouse are equipped with the Pixart 3395 sensor and a 350mAh battery, offering up to 90 hours of use on a single charge and a lightweight design of just 55g.

The company announced that this series of wireless mouse will hit the market in the second quarter of 2024. The M64 Wireless and M68 Wireless are priced at $99, while the M64 Pro Wireless and M68 Pro Wireless will retail at $139.