September 20, 2020

Apple will hold a event at the end of the month to introduce the new iPad Pro and MacBook

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Apple has sent invitations to some of the technology media to invite these media to participate in Apple’s hardware conference in New York on October 30th.

Although no one knows what products Apple will introduce at the conference, the long-rumoured new iPad Pro is expected to arrive officially.

At the same time, the new iPad Pro does not leak data like other Apple devices, so there is not much confirmation for the upcoming release.


The new rumoured iPad Pro includes:

According to rumours, Apple has abandoned the fingerprint identification module in the new iPad Pro and switched to the face recognition biometric authentication that began with the iPhone X.

This means that the new iPad Pro will also get full-screen support and reduce the size of the frame, of course, the new device thickness will undoubtedly be more light and thin.

Rumour has also claimed that Apple will use the Type-c interface to replace Apple’s dedicated lightning interface, using the new interface to provide 4k video output for the external display.

But it would be harder for Apple to give up the dedicated lightning interface, so there is a question about the new iPad Pro interface in this information.


Apple’s other product line updates:

As a new hardware product launch, Apple will not only release new iPad Pro devices, such as MacBook laptops will be updated.

The new MacBook is expected to replace the old MacBook Air and several other devices, but there are very few leaks about this type of news.

Interested users can also pay attention to Apple’s new hardware conference at the end of this month. According to the time difference, the country should be on the night of October 30 to the early morning.

Via: arstechnica