Apple Watch Series 7 fast charging requires a new magnetic fast USB-C charging cable

The main improvement of Apple’s new generation of Apple Watch Series 7 this year is to greatly increase the screen-to-body ratio. For this reason, it also specially designed a dial to highlight the new edge-to-edge screen, which is already very attractive to many users. After all, decoration is an important attribute of smartwatches, and this time Apple’s new watch also unexpectedly supports fast charging, which can be charged to 80% in 45 minutes. It can be considered a solution to the battery life problem of the Apple Watch, but it should be noted that this fast charging function needs to be equipped with a dedicated magnetic fast charger to achieve.

A new magnetic fast charger/cable is already standard in the Apple Watch Series 7 package. Apple requires users to purchase an additional 20W PD charging head to use with it. You can experience a 33% faster charging speed compared to the previous generation, but many users will buy an extra charging cable to charge the watch in the office or in the car. Apple here is a bit confusing for everyone, because the original USB- C magnetic charging cable does not support fast charging.

If you have bought Apple Watch SE in the last year, you will find that the standard magnetic charging cable has been changed to a USB-C interface, but this line is not the same thing as the standard fast charging line of the Apple Watch Series 7, even though they look exactly the same, but the numbers are A2055 (ordinary USB-C) and A2515 (fast), so the ordinary charging cable should not be able to quickly charge the new watch. Therefore, the ordinary charging cable should not be able to quickly charge the new watch, and since the current Apple Watch Series 7 has not yet been shipped, it cannot be tested and verified.

Apple also recently put a new magnetic fast charger to USB-C cable on the shelves, priced at $29, and the old USB-C charging cable has been removed.