Apple Watch with flat sides design may still appear next year

No matter how credible or numerous the sources are, the leaked information is still unofficial and cannot be confirmed before the product is officially announced. This is reflected in the Apple Watch Series 7, which is not as implied by almost all rumors and leaked information. Except for the larger screen, it looks like any other Apple Watch in the past. However, this flat side redesign may still happen in the near future, maybe even next year.

Apple Watch Series 7

Image: Apple

Starting a few months before its somewhat disappointing debut, rumors about Apple Watch Series 7 pointed out that the smartwatch has not undergone major design changes in years. Analysis believes that next year the design will adopt the current iPhone and iPad graphic design which will be a refreshing change, even if it will not have any impact on the functionality of the wearable device.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman seems to have rekindled hope, thinking that the redesign of the Apple Watch is still under consideration. This may happen in 2022 when Apple is expected to launch not one, not two, but three brand new Apple Watches. In addition to the flat edges, next year’s Apple Watch is expected to include a rugged and durable model, although it is unclear how it looks or what advantages it has over the current Apple Watch model.