Apple users: iOS 11 is the most buggy system ever

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According to foreign media reports, in the release has passed a month or so, iOS 11 installed rate has been more than iOS 10. According to Mixpanel latest statistics show that the two systems installed rate was 52.3% and 40.75%. Compared to Android, the new iOS installed significantly faster. However, the latest iOS 11 seems to have encountered a problem, that is, it is a lot of problems.


In fact, before the release of the official version of iOS 11, Apple has launched a number of beta version, although the latter was also a lot of problems, many people think that until the official version of the time these will be resolved. But the truth does not look like that. Reddit an article entitled “iOS 11 is any one of my iPhone encountered the most loopholes” posts get hundreds of comments from other iOS 11 users, they can not wait to share their experience – or can be said Is a bad experience.

The author of this post pointed out some problems encountered after upgrading to iOS 11, such as being unable to hear each other’s voice while answering the phone. The music control tool on the main screen is not normal and the phone is frozen for several minutes without interruption. The only way to solve these problems is to reset the device.

It seems that more than the author has experienced these, many of the comments below the user seem to have encountered these cases, there are also encountered a keyboard failure, battery life decreased significantly and so on.

And this week, Apple has just released the third beta version of iOS 11.1, so I hope it can help users solve some of these problems.

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