Mozilla Lead: Microsoft/Google/Samsung/W3C work together to push the new standard Web document


Mozilla announced that it has joined hands with Microsoft, Google, W3C, Samsung to create a cross-browser document standard based on its own developer network (Mozilla Developer Network, MDN). It is designed to integrate information development goals related to Web development across multiple browsers, not just Mozilla’s own Firefox. The Product Advisory Committee has been established to maintain existing relationships and to guide the company’s development over the next few years. Microsoft Edge Project Management Partner Jason Weber said:

” We are pleased to work with Mozilla, Google, and Samsung to provide a set of web developers around the world based on MDN,” said Microsoft, who is committed to helping to continue to grow. Stick web standard document set “.

The MDN web docs project is also making web development easier, giving novice and seasoned programmers a central location for high-quality information, supporting web development languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Current MDNs serve more than 6 million web developers and designers each month, and the number of visitors is growing at an annual rate of 40%. After Microsoft joined, the focus of the Web API documentation will be placed on the MDN and the related content on the MSDN will be redirected to the MDN.

Reference: Mozilla

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