Apple launches new Apple Pencil with USB-C interface

Apple, as rumored, has launched its new generation of Apple Pencil. This stylus incorporates a USB-C interface for pairing and charging with compatible iPad models. It’s priced competitively at $79, with an educational discount bringing the cost down to $69. It is slated for release in the U.S. market in early November.

Aesthetically, the new Apple Pencil mirrors its predecessor, the Apple Pencil 2, boasting a matte finish. It can be magnetically attached to an iPad via a flat side, though it relies on a USB-C connection for both pairing and charging.

Functionally, this latest Apple Pencil shares the capabilities of the Apple Pencil 2: pixel-perfect precision, low latency writing, tilt recognition, and support for hover gestures when used with the iPad Pro.

However, notable absences include pressure sensitivity recognition and the double-tap feature to toggle functions. Additionally, Apple does not offer complimentary personal engraving for this model.

The new Apple Pencil discreetly houses its USB-C connector beneath its tail-end cap. Removing this cap reveals the interface, facilitating pairing or charging via a USB-C cable.

This updated stylus is compatible with the 10th-generation iPad and any iPad designed with a USB-C interface. Moreover, even the iPad Pro, which supports the Lightning connection standard yet features a USB-C design, can utilize this version of the Apple Pencil.