Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Apple introduced the AirPods Pro headset that supports noise-cancelling

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Apple has officially launched the AirPods Pro wireless Bluetooth headset. The difference is that this time Apple adopted a new and ingenious design. The earphones are also equipped with earphones of different sizes and can be replaced by the user. After testing, the user can select the earplugs that best fit their ear size. The highlight of the hardware is that the headset is equipped with both inbound and outbound microphones, where the outbound microphone collects ambient sounds for automatic active noise reduction. The inward-looking microphone is mainly used to collect excess sound waves in the user’s ear and then cancel it with anti-noise waves, providing users with excellent noise reduction.

Apple AirPods Pro
Image: Apple

By default, Apple AirPods Pro will automatically turn on noise-cancelling mode when connected, enabling this mode to provide users with immersive music experience. The active noise reduction mode can be used to talk, listen to music or other content, eliminate noise and reduce external interference through the inward and outward microphones. The headset is also equipped with a push-type velocity sensor to quickly switch modes, and the user can switch between active noise reduction and transparency mode when the user gently presses the earphone handle.

Apple uses the adaptive equalization function to adjust the user’s ear shape. At the same time, the inward microphone will detect the IF and low-frequency parts of the audio for optimal output, and the customized high-amplitude, the low-distortion speaker will bring a powerful bass. The high dynamic range amplifier delivers pure, clear sound and optimizes battery life, and the amplifier automatically interacts with the Apple H1 chip to control the sound level.

The AirPods Pro version has a maximum continuous output of up to 4.5 hours of a single charge and can last up to 24 hours if used with the AirPods Pro charging case. According to Apple’s test data, it can output audio for about 1 hour when charging for 5 minutes. If it is calculated, it will take about 23 minutes if it is fully charged. The price of AirPods Pro is $249, and you can go to Apple’s official store to make reservations from now on. The specific release date is October 30th.