Sun. Jul 12th, 2020

Apple Exec Phil Schiller: Apple’s iPad and MacBooks are more suitable for students than Chromebook

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It is undeniable that Google’s Chromebook has now become Apple’s main rival in the education market. Recently, Apple Chief Marketing Officer Phil Schiller mentioned some opinions about the Chromebook in an interview with CNET.

Microsoft Edge supports Google Chrome extensions

When the reporter said that the popularity of the Chromebook in the education market is now as good as Apple MacBook in the mass consumer market, Phil Schiller did not respond with enthusiasm: the iPad is the ultimate weapon for children to learn to use. He also said that students who use iPads can achieve better results than those who spend less on school (not buying iPads).

He added that Chromebooks are not a top-notch learning tool, they can achieve current success just because they are cheap, and kids who use Chromebooks will never succeed.

Chromebooks have gotten to the classroom because, frankly, they’re cheap testing tools for required testing. If all you want to do is test kids, well, maybe a cheap notebook will do that. But they’re not going to succeed,” he commented further.