Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

Microsoft will remove My People feature in Windows 10

1 min read

The My People feature is a new feature added by Microsoft in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which fixes frequently used contacts and sends them to them more quickly. For a long time, the network application has only been integrated with the mail application, and users can quickly send emails to frequently used contacts after clicking. However, even in the business world where mail communication is very frequent, few people use this feature, so Microsoft also decided to delete the application directly afterward.

My People feature looks like a very good feature, but the actual situation is very ridiculous because the reality is that there are not many applications that support this feature. In Microsoft’s official announcement, the company has confirmed that it will no longer bring any updates to My People feature, and will remove this feature in subsequent version updates.

Although Microsoft has not announced the specific reasons for the removal of the network application, everyone knows that this is because almost no one uses the direct result of this feature. However, Microsoft has not revealed in which version the network application will be completely removed. At least in Windows 10 20H1 released next spring, My People feature is still there.

Via: howtogeek