Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Analysts predict that Apple will release the 10.8-inch iPad during the second half of 2020

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Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has recently exposed relevant information about Apple’s new products again. This time the exposed products are the new iPad and iPad Mini.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo breaking news, we learned that Apple will release a 10.8-inch iPad in the second half of this year, and a new iPad Mini will be released next year. The specific size is expected to be between 8.5 inches and 9 inches.

Although we deduced the two main selling points of these two products from the definition of these two product lines: “the affordable price tag and the adoption of fast chips”, but our specific parameter information for these two products is temporarily In a state of ignorance.

new iPad Pro

At present, Apple’s iPad product line except the Mini and Pro series has three sizes of versions, which are 9.7 inches, 10.2 inches, and 10.5 inches. In this case, it seems reasonable to add a 10.8 inch iPad.

Some people may wonder whether these two products will adopt the full-screen design like the iPad Pro series and the iPhone series, but I think this is arguably hopeless. After all, the overall price may be increased after the Face ID component is added. Instantly exceeded the acceptable price of the product positioning crowd. Although this will increase the overall screen ratio, it may cause product sales to be affected by high pricing and sell less, which is absolutely unacceptable to Cook. So I think these two products will not increase the Face ID function, but will still use Touch ID.

Via: 9to5mac