AMD X570S motherboard is coming

Previously, MSI and other motherboard manufacturers had leaked information about the X570S motherboard. The problems surrounding this chipset were concentrated on two points, one of which is the meaning of the “S” suffix. Many speculations are focused on the point that there is no longer a need for a universal cooling fan. Another point is whether the chipset has changed in function. For example, it supports AMD Ryzen 6000 series processors with the rumored Zen 3+ architecture, but now it can be basically confirmed that this processor code-named Warhol has been canceled.

In any case, the X570S motherboard is getting closer and closer to the official release. ROG’s Twitter account @ASUS_ROG has confirmed that it will launch two passively cooled X570 motherboards in the third quarter.

Although ASUS did not directly name AMD’s unreleased products, it is basically confirmed that it is the X570S motherboard. As the largest manufacturer of motherboards, ASUS is often the first to release motherboards using the latest chipsets.

Although the most common X570 motherboards on the market are equipped with cooling fans, ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero motherboards using the X570 chipset have achieved passive cooling. The upcoming X570S motherboards will not be ASUS’s first passive cooling X570 series motherboards.

X570S is likely to be AMD’s last chipset on the AM4 platform. In the future, the CPU and APU of the desktop platform using the Zen 4 architecture will switch to the new AM5 socket to support the next generation of DDR5 memory. However, many users are still curious about what is special about the X570S motherboard after the cancellation of the Zen 3+ AMD Ryzen 6000 series processor, which is worth buying at the end of the AM4 platform.