AMD next-generation AM5 platform will use LGA 1718 sockets & support dual-channel DDR5

According to previous rumors, AMD will use the new AM5 socket on the Zen 4 architecture Ryzen series desktop processors to support DDR5 memory. Many people can guess AMD’s plan because the upgrade route of its architecture is relatively clear, but there is almost no specific information about the AM5 socket.

Recently, Twitter user @ExecuFix stated that as the successor to the AM4 socket, the socket type will be changed from PGA to LGA, and the AM5 platform will use LGA 1718 sockets. In the eyes of many people, this is something AMD should have done on AM4. At the same time, the information leaked this time also includes that the AM5 platform supports dual-channel DDR5 memory, which is natural, and the next-generation 600 series chipset can be seen. However, the PCIe standard only supports PCIe Gen4 instead of the previously rumored PCIe Gen5.

Although there is no support on the desktop platform, PCIe Gen5 will still be reserved for the EPYC (Genoa) series of Zen 4 architecture processors. Intel has planned that in addition to supporting DDR5 memory, Alder Lake-S will also support PCIe Gen5.

The new generation of Zen 4 architecture processors will be manufactured using a 5nm process, and there is news that IOD will also be upgraded to a 6nm process.