AMD FSR preliminary evaluation: The technology is great and effective

AMD’s updated Adrenalin 21.6.1 driver yesterday brings the FidelityFX Super Resolution technology that many players have been waiting for, helping mainstream graphics cards to achieve 4K ultra-high-definition resolution without losing too much picture quality. Most of the media gave praise to AMD’s technology and even some exaggerated evaluations such as game-changer. They tested that after turning on FSR in actual games, the increase in the number of frames at 4K resolution is close to what AMD claims. And the picture quality set by Ultra Quality is still very good.

But everyone also pointed out the biggest problem with AMD FSR technology at present, that is, there is too little game support. There are only 7 games in the first release, and games like Godfall and Galaxy Breaker are still very unpopular.

The rival NVIDIA’s DLSS technology, which is similar to FSR, was officially launched as early as 2018, coupled with the active cooperation with game developers, so the game lineup support will be much better. There are a total of 57 games that support NVIDIA’s DLSS technology.