AMD Begins Shipping Instinct MI300X Cards, Revolutionizing AI/HPC

Recently, Sharon Zhou, CEO of LaminiAI, announced that AMD has commenced the shipment of its Instinct MI300X compute cards, designed for artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC). It has been revealed that LaminiAI has acquired multiple systems, each equipped with eight Instinct MI300X compute cards. This signifies that the Instinct MI300X has begun supporting enterprises in operating large language models (LLMs).

AMD has been distributing the Instinct MI300 series for some time now, and it is anticipated that this new product could become the fastest-selling in the company’s history, having already reached $1 billion in sales. For AMD, this represents a significant milestone, poised to challenge Nvidia’s dominance in the AI chip market. The first batch of the Instinct MI300 series introduced two models: the Instinct MI300A (CPU+GPU) and the Instinct MI300X (GPU only).

The Instinct MI300X features a compact chip design, utilizing both 5nm and 6nm processes, with a transistor count of 153 billion. It employs the fourth generation of the Infinity Fabric solution, comprising 28 chiplets, including 8 HBM and 4 compute dies. Each compute die contains 2 GCDs based on the CDNA 3 architecture, totaling 80 compute units, which translates to 320 compute units and 20,480 stream processors. Considering yield rates, AMD reduced the number of compute units to 304, resulting in 19,456 stream processors being utilized. Additionally, the HBM3 capacity reaches 192GB, providing a memory bandwidth of 5.3TB/s and an Infinity Fabric bandwidth of 896GB/s. The Instinct MI300A, on the other hand, is an APU design, featuring 24 cores based on the Zen 4 architecture, and has one fewer compute die, reducing the compute units to 228 and corresponding to 14,592 stream processors.

Several large cloud server operators have already purchased the Instinct MI300 series products. It is rumored that the expected shipment for this year is between 300,000 to 400,000 units, with Google and Microsoft being the largest customers. However, LaminiAI is the first company confirmed to be utilizing the Instinct MI300X compute cards.