NVIDIA RTX Remix beta is available for download

NVIDIA has announced the official release of the NVIDIA RTX Remix public beta, now available for complimentary download. This revolutionary tool allows for the complete utilization of ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS, and NVIDIA Reflex, empowering gamers to recreate their most cherished classic games with modern physical rendering and AI-generated textures.

NVIDIA RTX Remix download

Constructed on the NVIDIA Omniverse, the NVIDIA RTX Remix is an all-encompassing platform tailored for reimagining DirectX 8 and 9 games with specific functional pipelines. It comprises two segments: one for designing lighting and incorporating remastered assets into game scenes, and another for capturing classic game scenes to seamlessly integrate remastered resources during gameplay. With the launch of the RTX Remix public beta, the full suite of functionalities now lies in the hands of seasoned mod creators, enabling the production of superior RTX mods.

While NVIDIA RTX Remix simplifies the modding process, it is not an instantaneous solution but requires time and dedication to craft breathtaking mods. NVIDIA has thus provided a thorough explanation of its features, along with guides and videos to assist mod creators on their remastering journey.

To date, NVIDIA RTX Remix has been employed in the remastering of Portal with RTX and the modder-made Portal: Prelude RTX. Orbifold Studios is utilizing NVIDIA RTX Remix to develop Half-Life 2 RTX: An RTX Remix Project, a community remaster of one of the highest-rated games in history.

NVIDIA aspires for the release of the NVIDIA RTX Remix public beta to encourage more players to engage and create advanced RTX MODs in the future.