Amazon plans to launch a cloud gaming service in 2020, integrating with Twitch

A rumor that Amazon is planning to release its cloud gaming service in 2020 and integrate with the real-time streaming video platform Twitch.

Amazon’s job offer provides some evidence that it is about to launch a cloud gaming service. The company is always recruiting talent for the Amazon AWS team’s “new initiative,” which is related to new gaming services. At the same time, Amazon is also recruiting “Principal Product Leader” for the “New AWS Gaming Initiative.”

Amazon leak

Amazon AWS has supported many Internet services, which means it already has a lot of infrastructure and streaming technology that can be used to try to provide reliable cloud gaming services. Amazon also has a Twitch live broadcast platform that provides Amazon with a wealth of information, such as how long people spend playing games each day and what types of games they play.

At present, the field of cloud games is rapidly becoming a hot battlefield for technology companies. Google, Microsoft, EA, Valve, Nintendo, Tencent, etc. are all exploring their own cloud game services.

Via: theverge