Airbnb acquires artificial intelligence start-up GamePlanner.AI

Airbnb has announced the acquisition of GamePlanner.AI, an artificial intelligence startup with a modest team of just 12 employees. While specific details of the deal remain undisclosed, the actual transaction amount is believed to be under $200 million.

Founded by Adam Cheyer, one of the original designers of Apple’s digital assistant service Siri and a former iPhone product engineering director, GamePlanner.AI has maintained a low profile in its operations. Cheyer also played a key role in Viv Labs, which was later acquired by Samsung to develop its digital assistant service, Bixby.

With Airbnb’s acquisition, GamePlanner.AI is expected to become a driving force in the development and application of Airbnb’s artificial intelligence technologies. However, it is yet unclear what specific applications or services will be developed using GamePlanner.AI’s technology.

Currently, Airbnb possesses a suite of artificial intelligence technology resources, including large natural language models, computer vision, and machine learning applications. According to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, artificial intelligence is poised to bring about significant changes and will continue to drive innovation in Airbnb’s services.