Samsung launches portable SSD T5 EVO

Samsung’s mobile SSD product line has traditionally evolved with singular numerical increments (T3, T5, T7…). However, this year, following the launch of the T9, Samsung did not discontinue the T7. Instead, both generations continue to be sold concurrently, catering to different market segments. Further enhancing its product line, Samsung has now revived the T5 name, introducing the T5 EVO as an entry-level mobile SSD.

Although the T5 name is reused, the T5 EVO boasts a completely new design. Its body is enveloped in rubber, offering a degree of shock resistance. Of course, it doesn’t possess the robust protective capabilities of the T7 Shield. The T5 EVO’s longer and narrower form resembles a USB drive, complete with a loop for attaching a lanyard, suggesting its intended use with smartphones and laptops for daily portability.

As an entry-level mobile SSD, the T5 EVO is a SATA SSD and uses 176-layer 3D V-NAND flash memory operating in QLC mode. It features Samsung’s own S4LR069 Metis controller with an 8GB cache. The nominal read and write speeds are limited to 460MB/s. Connectivity is via an ASM235CM bridge to a Type-C interface, but it only supports USB 3.2 Gen1 5Gbps. While not particularly fast, it’s adequately speedy for a mobile storage device.

Despite its modest performance, the T5 EVO offers an impressive capacity of up to 8TB, with the base model starting at 2TB. Designed for storing large files rather than serving as an external disk for high-definition cameras like the T9 or T7, it is also more affordably priced. The 2TB version is priced at $190, while the 8TB variant is available for $650.