Creators Beware: YouTube’s New Mandate on AI-Generated Content

Recently, YouTube clarified its terms regarding the use of artificial intelligence, including a mandate for creators to distinctly label content generated through AI. The platform will also remove any content that features faces or voices used without individual permission.

In its commitment to responsible AI applications, YouTube has stipulated that creators uploading content must clearly label any material created or altered through artificial intelligence, ensuring viewers are aware that the content is not entirely authentic.

Furthermore, individuals whose voices or faces are used in videos without authorization can request the removal of such content. However, Google maintains a degree of flexibility in this regard. Not all removal requests will be entertained; for instance, incidental captures of faces in the background or accidental recording of voices that do not have a significant impact are unlikely to be removed.

These two functionalities are set to be introduced in the coming months.

Additionally, YouTube plans to assist its music partners in removing content that uses AI technology to imitate singers’ vocal performances. Initially, this service will be offered to specific record labels and music publishers, with plans to extend it to more partners in the future.