A lot of new features in Android 12 leaked

Every spring, Google will start developing and designing a new version of Android and pushing it to developers. When developers receive the new version, they will look for various new features.

So before Google officially releases the new version of Android, we already know most of the features and design solutions, but this may not surprise users for Google.

So Google seems to have deliberately hidden many design features and new functions in the Android 12 version to avoid being discovered by developers and leaking news of the new version in advance.

In this way, Google can introduce these changes in the upcoming Global Developers Conference, which seems to give consumers more surprises than before the leak.

Under normal circumstances, Google will redesign some elements every year when updating the Android system, but this time Google seems to carry out a super large-scale redesign.

Android 12 UI

According to xda-developers reports, some developers have successfully discovered many new features and visual experiences deliberately hidden by Google. These visual experiences have changed dramatically from previous versions.

In particular, the visual, privacy, security, and connectivity changes related to the integration with the Google ecosystem are hidden, and Google estimates that it is preparing to mention it at the Google I/O.

Regarding the interface, the update includes a larger clock on the lock screen, a redesigned wireless and Bluetooth switch, native theme support, and a new keyboard.

At the same time, there are a variety of new application icons, system application interface redesign, and part of the system’s own application widgets can be changed according to the theme.

However, the developer conference is about to be held, so this undisclosed content will meet with us soon, of course, you have a supported Android device to update to Android 12.