A Beginner’s Guide for Playing Block Puzzle Online

Online games have drawn a lot of attention and gained popularity at a very high rate. Online gaming has become a hobby for some and even a profession for others. Tetris is an improved version of Tetris designed to keep up with modern gamers’ speed and desires. For instance, you can play single Tetris for hours, but it is not the case with block puzzles. But how do you go about with this famous block puzzle?

Things You Must Be Aware of About Block Puzzle

Every online game or any game has a culture to be followed and adhered to by its players to make it stand out from the rest. An online block puzzle game is no different. Below are a few things that will help you familiarize yourself with the game as a beginner.

The Game Rules

The rules of a block puzzle are pretty simple and easy to adhere to.

  1. You will be working with three blocks at a time instead of continuous falling blocks like in the case of Tetris.
  2. You must adequately arrange the three blocks on the board either vertically or horizontally to fill out the available spaces. 
  3. Another set of three blocks will be available to you once you are done placing the previous ones on the board.
  4. Aim to try and complete a line with the blocks.

NOTE: Be conscious of the time, or else you will run out of space to achieve complete lines.

The Game Objectives

Just like a football player aims to score as many goals as possible, a block puzzle gamer should also be aware of the game’s primary focus. As a block puzzle gamer, the main focus should be;

  • To arrange all the blocks in a complete line, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Prioritize on achieving as many complete lines as possible before you run out of time or the board is filled.

Tips on How to Be a Successful Block Puzzle Gamer

  • Plan your moves before acting on them. The puzzle will allow you to view the following three sets of blocks, and from that, you can judge and pre-decide on how you are going to place them.
  • Always create an appropriate 9-square room for the 3*3 block whenever it appears.
  • Always aim to clear complete horizontal and vertical lines to gain points. It is not all about placing blocks but also gaining points.
  • Focus on the strategic placing of the blocks, not dumping them anyhow. The fear of running out of time might influence you to place the blocks anyhow, which may create spaces between them, and that particular line will not be complete.
  • Try and complete multiple rows and columns at a go.
  • Start your game by working on the corners spaces.


While playing your block puzzle, a strategy in place will make the game even more enjoyable. What more could you ask for if not to be rewarded for your skills and intelligence. Earning as many points as you can while playing gives you the satisfaction and the push to keep on engaging in the game more. Enjoy block puzzles but mostly have fun.