Microsoft will further strengthen the development strategy of Windows and Android ecological integration

In addition to cooperating with Amazon on Windows 11, adding the ability to download and use Android apps directly through the Amazon Appstore, at the same time, Microsoft also further cooperates with Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and other companies, so that the Android phones are promoted by these companies can further integrate and interact with Windows devices. The recent release of senior software engineer vacancies highlights that Microsoft will enable deeper integration between Windows devices and Android phones.

Surface Duo price

From Microsoft’s recent job descriptions, it shows that Microsoft plans to further integrate Windows devices with Android phones, including strengthening existing Phone Link, SwiftKey, which helps predict and correct misspelled words, and Microsoft Launcher, a custom interface for Android phones.

In addition, this job vacancy also covers strengthening Microsoft’s dual-screen phone Surface Duo built with the Android operating system, and Microsoft also expects to continue to expand its services such as Microsoft 365, Office 365, and Azure cloud services through the popularity of Android phones.

On the whole, Microsoft will indeed continue to strengthen the integration effect with the Android operating system in the future, and through the huge Android market scale to drive Microsoft services, by improving the link between the Windows operating system and Android mobile phones, it is against Apple’s highly integrated experience in iPhone and other devices and Mac models.