Zotac Releases RTX 40 AMP White Series Graphics Cards

A few months ago, Zotac announced the launch of the AMP White series of graphics cards. The first batch included two products, the RTX 3060 Ti AMP White Edition and the RTX 3060 AMP White Edition. As Nvidia launched the GPU based on the Ada Lovelace architecture, Zotac also updated the product line and officially released the RTX 40 AMP White series graphics card.

There are two new products brought by Zotac this time, including RTX 4090 AMP EXTREME AIRO White and RTX 4080 16GB AMP EXTREME AIRO White. The two are the same in appearance, but there are differences in performance due to different GPUs. Thanks to the third-generation RT Core and fourth-generation Tensor Core brought by the Ada Lovelace architecture, it supports RTX real-time ray tracing technology and DLSS 3 technology, allowing players to have a better gaming experience.

The overall size of the RTX 40 AMP White series graphics card is 35.5×16.6×7.2 cm. It has a beautiful white appearance, with a rich sense of layering in the shape, and adopts an innovative aerodynamic design. The overall shape is streamlined, visually giving people a sense of simplicity of integrated molding. Zotac said that the radian of each rounded corner and the light and dark contrast of each decorative line have been carefully designed, and its simple and uncomplicated details complement each other with the white design, creating a free, comfortable, simple, and pure visual beauty.

In addition, Zotac has also equipped a backplane for the new graphics card, which is made of solid die-cast metal, with a large area of ​​hollow design at the end to assist the graphics card in cooling, and the other end is a LOGO faith light.