Thermaltake Launches the New Toughpower PF3 Platinum Series

Thermaltake announced that it launched the Toughpower PF3 Platinum series power supply, equipped with a native 12+4Pin PCIe 5.0 external power supply interface (12VHPWR). It can natively support Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards, conforms to the ATX 3.0 specification, and has obtained 80 PLUS Platinum certification, and can achieve a conversion efficiency of 92%.

The overall size of the Toughpower PF3 series power supply is 140mm x 86 mm x 150 mm. It adopts the LLC+DC-DC circuit design and provides four rated powers of 750W, 850W, 1050W, and 1200W. It adopts high-quality components and is equipped with a powerful single +12V output, which can exert excellent performance under various loads. In addition, low ripple noise ensures stable operation of major components; ideal voltage regulation is maintained within ±2% under most loads; hold-up time of at least 17 milliseconds avoids system restart or reset.

The built-in 120mm hydraulic bearing fan provides excellent cooling performance and noise reduction operation. Through the Smart Zero Fan intelligent zero-speed mode, the fan speed can be automatically adjusted to reduce operating noise, and the user can also manually operate the fan to keep it running. At the same time, the Toughpower PF3 series power supply adopts a fully modular design and is equipped with a black flat cable, which provides users with a more flexible installation method and facilitates easy cable management.

According to Thermaltake, the 12VHPWR wire equipped with the Toughpower PF3 series power supply can provide a powerful and stable power supply. The wattage marked on the 12VHPWR’s connector is the recommended wattage. (Ref. Intel design guideline) The native 16 PIN (12VHPWR) PCIe connector of the PF3 750W can deliver up to 300W for PCIe 5.0 graphics cards. (850W’s 16pin cable: delivers up to 450W; 1050W & 1200W’s 16pin cables: deliver up to 600W).
Toughpower PF3 series power supplies will be launched in January next year, the price is not yet clear, and Thermaltake will provide a ten-year warranty.