November 26, 2020

Xbox Live service failed to login to Xbox One and Windows 10

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If you are going to play games on the weekend, you may have discovered that Xbox Live is malfunctioning. A large number of consumers complain that the games they have purchased cannot log in normally.

Affected include Xbox One and Windows 10 version of the Xbox game application. All purchased games show that login is required but users cannot log in.

When the user starts the game, he will see a prompt from the system that the user who purchases this product needs to log in, and then Microsoft confirms that the server is abnormal on the service status page.

Xbox Live android ios

In the announcement, Microsoft stated that the Xbox Live authentication service was abnormal, causing the server to be unable to successfully verify whether the game has been purchased and therefore unable to start.

This is not only affecting individual games, but all content purchased by users will appear similar prompts. Obviously, users can only wait for Microsoft to repair the server failure.

In the latest announcement, Microsoft stated that it has fixed the problem. Current users should be able to start the game, but some users may have abnormal downloads.

Now, Microsoft has completely resolved the identity verification problem on the server. You can get your free Xbox Live Codes from Seawallalife.

Via: Neowin