Withings unveiled the premium smart scale, Body Pro 2

Recently, the intelligent health device company Withings unveiled the premium smart scale, Body Pro 2. According to the official release, this product incorporates all the monitoring functions of its predecessor, the Withings Body Smart, including weight tracking. It gathers data on body fat, muscle, and bone composition using BIA sensors, presenting these metrics as percentages. Additionally, the Body Pro 2 introduces the functionality to monitor electrodermal activity (EDA). These measurements enable the Body Pro 2 to identify symptoms of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN), an early sign of diabetes. However, this feature requires activation through a specific monitoring module and an initial prescription authorization from a healthcare provider. Withings states that future enhancements to the Body Pro 2 can be made through additional monitoring modules, simplifying chronic disease monitoring.

Diverging from most Withings scales, the Body Pro 2 opts for cellular network connectivity over Bluetooth or WiFi. This allows healthcare professionals to set up the scale for patients without needing additional device configurations, ensuring a ready-to-use experience upon unboxing. Moreover, the cellular network enables physicians to relay critical information to patients via the scale’s display, such as motivation, reminders, and treatment milestones. Patients using the Body Pro 2 also have the option to hide their weight data from the screen to avoid emotional distress.

While the company has not yet specified the detailed pricing and release date for the Body Pro 2, this smart scale is primarily intended for sale to medical institutions and doctors, facilitating their monitoring of patient body data to develop corresponding medical plans.