Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

WireGuard has been merged into net-next and is coming to Linux kernel 5.6

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Earlier we reported that WireGuard may be merged into the kernel mainline in Linux 5.5, but from the current point of view, the time to enter the mainline may be delayed. Because WireGuard author Jason A. Donenfeld on the mailing list recently announced, WireGuard will enter the mainline kernel in Linux 5.6.

WireGuard Linux kernel

Jason said that WireGuard has been merged into Dave Miller’s net-next tree, which means that when Linus Torvalds opens the merge window of Linux 5.6, Dave will send a pull request to it. As long as this thing is agreed to merge, WireGuard will then enter the Linux 5.6 mainline. After all, as early as August of last year, Linus Torvalds himself expressed the hope that WireGuard will be incorporated into the kernel as soon as possible.