Thu. Aug 13th, 2020

Windows Sandbox gets important updates

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Windows Sandbox is a sandbox environment provided by Microsoft in Windows 10. The sandbox is isolated from the host machine, so the testing software in the sandbox is more secure.

The sandbox environment will directly clear all the data inside after every shutdown, even if there is a virus or other malware, it will not affect the security of the host machine.

The disadvantage is that the sandbox environment is a super clean operating system every time you start it. If you need to do some testing frequently, you must set it up every time you start it.

After user feedback, Microsoft has adjusted the sandbox environment in Windows 10 Version 2004 so that advanced users can use the sandbox configuration file.

The configuration file provided by Microsoft for the sandbox environment in this update covers vGPU, that is, virtual graphics card, network, shared folder, and a startup script, which can be adjusted.

Advanced users can prepare the configuration file in advance and then start the sandbox environment. After startup, the sandbox environment will automatically complete the relevant settings according to the user’s configuration script.

Of course, the most worthy of attention is naturally the startup script. Advanced users can use the startup script to write complex workflows and then automatically execute them in the sandbox environment.

This helps improve the efficiency of advanced users and reduce the time spent, which is good news for users who often need to test with the sandbox environment.

The configuration file of the sandbox environment ends with .wsb. When advanced users write the configuration file and save it, they can start the sandbox by double-clicking the configuration file directly at the next startup.

In terms of version requirements, the current sandbox configuration file only supports the latest Windows 10 Version 2004 and later versions, and previous versions will not be supported.

Via: Softpedia